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About Us

The Northwest Natural Resources Institute was formed in August, 1992 by a group of companies and individuals whose livelihoods depended on agriculture, forest products, mining and water resources. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and an affiliate of Greater Spokane Incorporated (formerly the Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce).  Our mission is to cultivate a better understanding of the daily importance of our agricultural, mineral, forest and water resources by educating teachers and students about the science, economic, and societal aspects of our regions natural resources.
NNRI presents factual information on the utilization and economic importance of our natural resource industries by providing information for teachers and students to make informed decisions on the management and use of our resources. The importance of natural resource-based industries to the Inland Northwest as well as the positive environmental protection measures being implemented are featured in all of the NNRI’s programs for teachers and students.  NNRI works hard with partners to reconnect society to the source of its everyday products – natural resources. Since its inception, the Northwest Natural Resources Institute has educated thousands of teachers, students and parents about the importance of natural resources in their daily lives.
Diahne Gill, Executive Director

Northwest Natural Resources Institute

801 W. Riverside, #100

Spokane, WA  99201 or 509-321-3615

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